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"I can help you make sense of the details of your life."

Over three years ago, unfortunate circumstances happened affecting my health. I thought that my commercial flying career was going to be limited or terminated by a Federal government level organization overseeing the commercial flying industry; the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
Not only did I think I was doing the best with my diet and lifestyle for my first fifty years of life, I realized that things can break down in your body when there are genetic and environmental influences. After seeing a conventional general practitioner and specialty doctors including three dermatologists, an allergists, a rheumatologist, and a gastroenterologist, I was diagnosed with guttate psoriasis, at first, and then, a serious bout of plaque psoriasis developed after an allergic reaction to an antibiotic. With the numerous topical steroid drugs, prednisone for the pain and itching, and omnaprazole for the acid reflux symptoms induced by the topical steroidal drugs and then two drugs called Enbrel and then Humira, I intuitively realized that the continued use of these drugs may continue to burden my immune system.

Later as I started my studies, and as I learned more, I realized that traditional doctors did not diagnose “leaky gut.” And with the continued use of these types of drugs, it brought me to a state of heightened anxiety over possibly losing my flying position with the use of these drugs and possibly developing a blood cancer called lymphoma.
After two months from my initial diagnosis, I decided that the pain, insecurities over the plaque psoriasis with the feelings of the painful, red and itchy wound-like rashes on my head, on my trunk of my body and the majority showing up on my legs and arms.  I became aware that I was not getting better and it worsened my state of being towards mild depression and lower energy.  During this whole time with the psoriasis diagnosis, I felt embarrassed while in public with the visible plaques trying to exercise at hotels (it was too hot when I wore clothes to cover the plaques and with the friction on the scabby plaques brought more itching). I finally had enough and decided to do what the dermatologist recommended and to try Enbrel (entanercept), at first, and then, when it did not seem to work, I tried another drug called Humira (biologics) injections. With being on these drugs, I had to get a waiver from the FAA to subcutaneously inject a needle into my thigh twice a week with Enbrel, and after the ineffectiveness of the Enbrel, I then tried  Humira , by injecting it  every two weeks.
During this time of upheaval and feeling less and less energy, I decided I wanted to find out how and why I had this condition. I had to find the cause!

This brought me to my journey to become an American Association of Drugless Practitioners Board Certified Holistic Practitioner and a Certified Master Transformational Coaching Life Coach so as to assist those who are traveling in this toxic world that there are better alternatives than accepting just conventional therapies, including very toxic pharmaceutical drugs, which may not cure the cause of the autoimmunity or even the cause of heart disease and some cancers.
Humira, in particular that was prescribed to me, brought about consequences and negative side effects. From the time I started the biologic drug, the FAA decided I could not fly for at least two months until there was proof that I would not get an infection. That was a wake-up call to me. Then, let alone the side effects, which can lead to tuberculosis, hepatitis B, infections caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses that spread throughout the body, cancer, heart failure, immune reactions such as pain, joint pain, shortness of breath, nervous system problems, blood problems, liver problems such as fatigue, poor appetite, vomiting and abdominal pain, nausea and headaches to name quite a few.
I think you are getting the ugly picture of my drug journey. I tried it for another month to see if it would help. I did get the flying waiver, but not without feeling insecure of losing my job and still having the ugly and unsightly plaques that would drop to the ground like a light snow, and the bleeding after scratching the very itchy plaques.
What I did after a month of being on Humira, I again questioned myself of why I was on the drug. I did the unimaginable and continued to question myself on why I stayed on the drug if I knew about the above stated bad side effects that would possibly happen the longer I was on the drug. I already had stomach aches, loss of appetite and shortness of breath which limited my exercising. I spoke to the doctor who prescribed the drug. I knew I would be on my own since I was not compliant with the doctor and the use of the prescribed drug. I suspected that he did not know the long term use of the drug. He did not know or have the time to help me find the cause either. I wish I had known there were other people who could help me. That is why I opened my eyes to finding the cause and learning all I could about autoimmunity and so much more about chronic inflammation and the stress-related factors, which is the root cause of most diseases.
Finding similar clients with these autoimmune health conditions, they have found out how to lower their inflammation, to improve their immune system by reducing chronic underlying stresses, by learning new habits by finding more enjoyment in the time they were saving by working with me, and preventing themselves from getting ill on a daily basis.
Over three years ago, I started this journey to self-healing and partnering to heal others’ ailments, that I have discovered there are a genetic component (25%) and an epigenetic factor (75%) from our environment. For example, having a first degree relative with a couple of autoimmune disorders, and after my research, realized that gene expression can turn into any type of disorder like heart disease, autoimmunity and cancers. In particular, in the field of autoimmunity research with epigenetics, genetic expression can be modified. I started to realize through diet and supplementation that you can turn off some genes while turning on other genes to change your gene expression.
For me to develop my autoimmune psoriasis disorder, something in my environment like diet and past personal circumstances may have turned on  the group of genes that may cause autoimmune disorders. My disorder started with gluten intolerance which led to ”Leaky Gut.” Once these genes are turned on, you can work to turn them off, or at least, turn them down.
Through my diet, intestinal healing and reducing my toxic burden, and even with my clients, I turned down and worked on turning off the very genes that turned on the body’s attacks on the immune system without drugs. Preventing autoimmunity, especially if it is in your family, by choosing unadulterated whole foods and supplements, how you cook your food, and putting together a compliment of topical natural homemade tonics has helped to tone down and reverse my gene’s expression towards a more vibrant and energetic lifestyle without drugs. Even my FAA doctor had to call the FAA to reverse my waiver and now my license is not restricted with the use of the drug, Humira, because I am no longer on it! My clients do not have a need to try it either since they are having natural success with working with me.
If you would like to work with me, in partnership with your doctors, if you wish, I can assist you in gaining clarity in your life and goals to prevent or diminish your skin conditions and virtually put your immune system into a normal state of existence. Finding your cause whether it be from your stressful environment, partnering with you to change your familial type foods you habitually have kept in your diet, to explore different supplements to increase the inflammation fighting immune system and to learn more about changing how you relate to the world after these changes, let’s connect and change those unconscious habits for a more relaxed, joyful and healthy you.