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For many years, especially since the 1950s, our diet has changed. Certain dogma called “fat-phobic” advice has been in the media and even embraced by the American Heart Association for many years. However, when you reduce fat in the diet, and there is a need to make processed food with more sugar to taste good. The last numbers I have heard from the functional medicine standpoint is 145 pounds of sugar per person per year. It might even been higher today.  This is the real culprit of most of our diseases. In this blog, I would like to convey that we need to take the white stuff out of our diet and add back the good fats. Since I have changed my way of feeding my microflora in my gut, I am pleased to say I have lowered my blood sugar twenty-five points! I’ll be ordering my labs for myself called HbA1C in the next couple months.

Not all fats are created equal. Some of the fats I will be writing about today have great potential for promoting health and fighting disease. Others do the exact opposite. Mainstream marketing doesn’t differentiate. The science research is not letting us bury our heads in the low-fat sand any longer.

Incorporating healthy fat with the right combination of amino acids will improve your feeling of fullness and satisfaction, provide body fuel, and promote optimal cellular repair. You cannot make cells without fat. Fats are the precursors of cell messengers that mediate inflammation. Fat is critical for hormone production and for heart, brain and nervous system function.

Some fats will kill you and some will keep you healthy and probably save your life. Below are the eight classes of fats.

Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) are the healthiest kind of fat you can eat, according to research. Not only are they anti-inflammatory, but they also keep your blood lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides) healthy, help balance your blood sugar, and even help cut visceral fat by up to 20 percent. MUFAs are found in olives and olive oil, nuts and nut oils, and avocados (when I am not traveling, I try to eat a whole avocado everyday).  I even carry macadamia nut oil on my trips because it contains a greater percentage of MUFAs than the highest quality olive oil. It also has a 40 degree higher temperature tolerance before changing its healthy properties than olive oil.

Omega-3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) and are found in fish oil, cold-water fish, walnuts, flaxseed and chia seeds. They aid in controlling hunger, turning off your fat genes, controlling blood sugar, and upping your metabolism. They have been shown to aid in reducing cholesterol and preventing arthritis, asthma, ADHD, dementia and even depression.

Medium-chain triglycerides are an important fat-burning tool and can help speed up your metabolism. These are found in butter, ghee and coconut oil.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are a group of about eighteen different kinds of fatty acids. Some are healthy (as mentioned in Omega-3s above) and some aren’t (like canola oil I’ll mention below). The good ones can provide the energy producing mitochondria of your cells with fatty acids that support metabolic efficiency.

Trans-fatty acids are the worst fats the world has seen and have been in our food supply for decades even after science discovered they are deadly. Deceptive marketing on our packaging and, in the media, not providing the scientific proof in differentiating the types of fats. They are man-made, our intestinal bacteria cannot digest these foods, so they end up lining our livers and arterial cell walls, causing death and disease. These are also known as partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, and are found in margarine and other butter substitutes. When I travel and my clients, we insist on particular attention to detail to the chefs to make sure we don’t ingest these types of PUFAs oil.

Omega-6 fatty acids are pro-inflammatory and are abundant in processed foods, most cooking oils (including canola mentioned above), and pretty much every food you eat unless it is organic. These are also called PUFAs, but the bad ones. Up to 90 percent of the omega-6 in our diet comes from linoleic acid, which promotes inflammation and fat storage. Some of the foods are grain-based desserts, salad dressings, potato chips, corn chips, pizza, pasta, and popcorn to name a few.

Omega-9 fatty acids are the neutral oils that do not lead to inflammation and are healthy to consume. The biggest sources of these are: olives, macadamia nuts, avocados, almonds, pecans and cashews.

Saturated fats are found primarily in animal products like butter, cheese and meat. Within the last couple years, research in the last couple years is proving that saturated fat is not the problem the mainstream “experts” have made it out to be. The only time saturated fat becomes really dangerous is when it’s combined with sugar and refined flour to produce all those packaged, processed foods you find in the supermarket snack aisle and in fast food restaurants.

As long as you are getting saturated fat from organic, grass-fed, grass-finished, minimally processed sources, it is perfectly okay to eat in moderation. I even order my grass-fed and finished beef and chicken and are delivered to my home. It tastes so much better and I’m not going back. Most of your fat intake should come from the protein and amino acids you eat. The rest will come from nuts, avocado, fish and oils. If you get the majority of your protein from wild, hormone and antibiotic-free animal foods such as eggs, salmon, chicken, grass-finished beef and pasture-raised butter, you will get the essential monounsaturated and saturated fats you need in the right ratios. Also, please do not forget that beef is not just one big saturated fat. About 50 percent of the fat in beef is unsaturated, the kind that we are being told to eat (but not from commercially raised grain fed cows and happy, well-fed cows).

Dairy needs a mention here too. Milk is a saturated fat too. The same rules apply to dairy as well as any protein drinks you may use: the source must be cows, sheep, goats, or yaks that were fed and raised how they were supposed to be raised; without antibiotics and growth hormones. I want to be clear, when I mention dairy, I am talking about cheese or butter. I don’t mention yogurt (even the unsweetened ones) or milk.

When a study was done by a food scientist in Denmark, he analyzed urine and fecal samples from fifteen men whose diets either contained cheese and milk or contained butter with no other dairy products. The findings were those in the cheese group had higher levels of butyric acid, a gut microbe and short chain fatty acids that has been linked to lower obesity and faster metabolism.

A University of Cambridge study raised some very important questions about the link between saturated fats and heart disease. In the meta-analysis of seventy-two different studies, researchers found that total saturated fat consumption was not linked to coronary heart disease.

With this great summation of information, please know there is plethora amount of scientific information that is not getting out there to the mainstream public. I feel privileged to be of service to you to reach out to your family and friends and forward them to start the small changes to be the best person they can be to the world.



As I sit her writing to all of you, my family is watching my mother die of a wretched disease that has eaten away at her mind and body called Alzheimer’s. Many of you may have someone in your family or know of someone who has had or lost someone to this wretched disease.

In my mother’s case, and watching her grapple with diagnosis after diagnosis, she seemed to be in one pain after another in different parts of her body. It was harder each time to console her and to compel her to do something out of the ordinary to help herself outside of the traditional medical system. She could have instead trusted herself to know better of what would be better than drugs or some medical procedure which seemed to exacerbate her painful conditions. Now here we are here with late stage Alzheimer’s and third stage kidney disease.

With all of my Mom’s ailments, starting with high blood pressure, her raised anxiety stress levels over the years, with arteriosclerosis and age 58 heart attack and, before her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, she had two surgeries of carotid artery scraping, some mini strokes along the way, pre-diabetes, sub-optimal hypothyroidism and finally kidney disease, it is no wonder her body was overburdened with so many systemic inflammation issues. She especially had the increased cascade of cortisol levels never measured, hormonal issues with her HPA axis (hippocampus-pituitary-adrenal glands) with her weakened state of her sub-hypothyroid condition never addressed and toxicity from her environment that I could only guess from dental amalgams (mercury) and other hard metals from the environment. Scientists haven’t proven aluminum as a culprit in the Alzheimer’s, but haven’t ruled it out either.

Familial habit patterns came into play in my family and other families as well. Our food supply does not give us the essential minerals and vitamins in our diet to thwart disease or disorders. These diseases start in us and is not the germs from outside of our body. We need to measure it by different means of how we feel, urine, blood, bowels and saliva tests. Our body robs from itself in different parts of our body during the awake stage (catabolic) of the day of what is stored in our fat and organ tissues. At night, during sleep, is the repair state (anabolic).

If the minerals and vitamins that are needed are similar in its carbon, hydrogen and oxygen molecules, your body will use it to get what it needs. For example, iodine is so needed by the thyroid, breasts and other organs. However, our body cannot store it for very long in the body. On the chemistry element chart, most of us learned in high school, there are other metals that are similar in makeup to iodine; fluorine, chlorine and bromine. When the food industry took out the iodine out of our breads and the common table salt etc., our receptor sites that used to receive the iodine (weakest of all the halides) now our body’s receptor sites attach the fluoride from our toothpaste, water, and dental cleanings, etc., chlorine, that city or town municipalities do to the water to clean out the bacteria, goes to the homes, apartments, hotels, etc., where our bodies absorb it into our tissues through the skin from our showers and pools and drinking (unless we use filters to get rid of the chlorine, fluoride and bromine).

So measuring our body burden through urine, saliva, bowels and blood testing (not always through the medical system, who rely mostly on blood tests [if it gets into the blood, which tries to stay pristine, the weakest link in your body will start a cascade of inflammatory responses that may overburden the liver, intestines and kidneys and may not know how to rid your body of those foreign invaders without some form of natural detoxing]). So working with a knowledgeable individual to reduce your body’s toxic burden is imperative so as to not finding yourself one day with so many painful systemic ailments and you asking, “How did this happen to me?”

My mother cannot be helped with her Alzheimer’s (drugs don’t work in this disease) because there are multiple reasons for this brain inflammation. Getting the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and reducing toxic burden from the environment, will help prevent the ravages of inflammation and then losing the mind becomes a distant memory throughout the many stages of lifestyle changes. It starts with you by learning about yourself and your body burden. I can assist you in reducing the inflammation one step at a time.

Please contact me through my website on the contact form below for a serious, and also, a fun look at your life.



Reflecting on the previous five years since I developed the painful, final developmental stages of my autoimmune disorder of plaque psoriasis and going into menopause, would I have paid attention to the warning signs of inflammation? It started with acid reflux (it really was a lack of stomach acid) and pruritus (dry, itchy skin) and a lack of vitamins and minerals. If I had not wanted to know the root cause back (through measuring and tests that are not normally tested in mainstream doctors offices), would I have started on a life journey towards self-enlightenment and helping others while helping myself? Or would I have been satisfied with just the easy route of a "get-well" supplement that would cover up my symptoms until a bigger disease hit my immune system like heart disease and/or cancer? Your body is telling you something. Please listen to your body. It is craving for good food that gives you vitamins and minerals to reduce the aging process and feeling less pain. I am pain-free today and my psoriasis has receded exponentially since those days.









It is crucial to understand that there are just too many "good foods" that people are not willing to give up. However, it is so important to understand that what you eat makes the biggest difference in your health and longevity. I have been one of the "lucky" ones that if I eat wheat or gluten, that I might find a new spot or two that shows up and it becomes itchy. It reminds me not to do it again. So I tend not to go the painful route and instead to eat  a diet that is nutrient rich even when I travel half the month. I cannot control all the environmental assaults on the outside of my body (I detoxify), but I can control what foods I put in my mouth. If I cannot get good nutritious food in airports, I carry my own. I don't mean protein bars and such either.

Our bodies can adjust to occasional assaults, but the body cannot tolerate continuous nutritional deficiencies or excess food additives and omega-6 oils. When researchers deliberately produce a disease in experimental animals by using selected "bad" food products, such as omega-6 fats, high sugar foods, or certain food additives, it usually takes long-term exposure to cause disease. This is especially true with cancers of all types.

The wrong foods not only expose the cells of your body to direct harm, they also crowd out healthy nutrients from other sources. Using up your minerals to fight something your body doesn't recognize is really counterproductive. Eating the wrong foods also lowers your body's resistance to disease in a number of ways, which includes hampering the function of cells and organs, lowering the function of immune systems, impairing the body's natural detoxification, and making the brain work inefficiently and erratically. Unfortunately, most doctors read only a few articles in a handful of journals, usually the "New England Journal of Medicine," the "Journal of the American Medical Association," and maybe an additional journal that covers their specialty.  They don't seem to realize that they are unaware of other scientific journals from prestigious universities and scientists. Not only have I gone to nutrition schooling, I am widely read in the causes of cancer, heart disease and age-related diseases. I am continuously studying the intricacies of disease and all that science has learned so far about how the body's cells function and I am totally amazed about how the human body works.

Now when someone talks to me about an "incurable" disease, I tell that person that it may be incurable within the world of traditional medicine, but alternative medicine (this had been around longer than traditional medicine) often has either a cure or a good treatment to improve the condition. What most traditional doctors do not know is that alternative medicine or complementary medicine is based on hard science from some of the best researchers and laboratories in the world.

Studying the disease processes of inflammation and excitotoxicity, a condition in which cells (particularly brain cells) are overstimulated to the point where they are killed. Dietary over-stimulation occurs through glutamate receptors in cells that transmit signals within the nervous system. For example, a taste enhancing food additive like monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a powerful excitotoxin which means that it triggers excitotoxity by delivering too much glutamate to the brain. Another is aspartame, a key ingredient in artificial sweeteners, is another excitotoxic food ingredient.

What most people don't know is that glutamate sensors exist not just in the brain. They are in every organ and tissue. So that means that eating food that raises blood levels of glutamate can cause major problems in the body. When I was younger, I used to get breathing problems and small headaches after eating "Chinese foods" or processed cereal foods with MSG. I hear people say they are not sensitive to MSG. However, the truth is that most of the effects of MSG occur silently and accumulate in the body over a number of years.

Studies have shown that when you combine foods containing MSG with those containing aspartame, blood glutamate levels are twice as high as they would be if you ingested MSG alone. Unfortunately, young people especially, eat several high MSG foods such as chips, a frozen dinner and a commercial soup where your levels can rise as much as 20 times higher than normal. If you add a diet soda with aspartame, glutamate could increase an additional 40-fold higher. Because of the way excitocity works, we know that people who have poor nutrition, chronic diseases, and chronic stress, or are exposed to other toxins, are much more affected by excitotoxic food additives. There may be a few who are born with a powerful detoxification and antioxidant systems and will have special protection against excitotoxicity. However, virtually all processed foods contain one or more excitotoxins and many contain three to five. When combined, their toxicity is multiplied.

MSG is often hidden behind such innocent-sounding names as hydrolyzed protein, vegetable protein, soy protein isolate, soy protein concentrate, soy sauce, hydrolyzed oat flour, whey protein, natural flavoring, spices, enzymes, autolyzed yeast extract, stock, broth, bouillon, natural flavoring, seasoning, spices, enzymes, texturized protein, sodium and calcium caseinate. This is not an all  inconclusive list either.

MSG is associated with insulin resistance (Type 2 diabetes), hypertension, and high levels of "bad" LDL cholesterol. These factors are called metabolic syndrome, which affects about 45 million Americans already and is growing. As I have mentioned in other blogs, insulin resistance is the real start of most irritable bowel issues and inflammation which translates to the start of disease. There is an expectation that there may be a significant increase in the number of young people in their 20s and 30s suffering heart attacks and strokes in coming years. Even when I went to a clients' home  to show the 13 and eight year old children some ideas to get them to eat a healthier diet, I brought my home blood pressure cuff for show and tell. The boys wanted to do it. So I placed the cuff on the 13-year-old who was lean; his reading was 100/75, but the youngest was a bit overweight and his reading was 138/92. I had to refrain from making any remarks to the child after I saw that result. Though, I did caution the mother to go see  their doctor about the high blood pressure. Also, a known fact is that Type 2 diabetes alone increases a person's risk of having a heart attack by more than 360 percent, as well as increasing the risk of blindness, impotence, stroke, heart failure and early death.

Newer studies have shown that feeding MSG to animals increases the free radicals and lipid peroxidation products in the artery walls. The increase lasted for the equivalent of decades in humans. Similar studies have shown that MSG also causes prolonged production of free radicals in the liver, kidneys and brain. When you couple MSG with the artificial sweetener aspartame, it doubles the risk. I even gave up my favorite Trident chewing gum (dentists recommend this too when you cannot brush) because there is aspartame in it. If your diet is filled with food additive excitotoxins, they will age you much faster and more intensely than normal, which increases your risk of developing a chronic disease.

Here are some steps you can take to reduce you risk of being poisoned by your food:

Growing you own vegetables and fruits in your yard or a hydroponic garden indoors (even in the winter). Natural insect control such as ladybugs or praying mantis to control more harmful species.

Buying locally grown food by talking to local farmers about pesticide and herbicide use.

Organically fed and free-range meats that are lean cuts of meat as residues accumulate more heavily in fat.

Washing vegetables and fruits is critical. Using a vegetable wash with a bit of white vinegar in a two gallon pot with purified water. Make sure to wash them individually and rinse and dry them before consumption.

Examine fruits and vegetable before buying. Plants with spots and bruises are not safe to eat. Sick plants infected with molds, viruses, and bacteria secrete toxic substances to protect themselves and are very toxic to people.

Wash your poultry well with a brush. Not the same one you use for your vegetables.

This list is not complete. So much more to say, but if you would like to learn more, please contact me in the form below for a free consultation.



As I mentioned in the second part of my three-part series, up to ninety percent of the American population has not been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. This epidemic is creating havoc with our mental and physical health. It is easily and inexpensively treated. The primary causes are fluoride in our water, dental products and lack of iodine. Soy also shuts down the entire endocrine system including the thyroid.

With the changing to the higher range of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) testing numbers (0.4-4.6) in the 1960s-1970s without knowing the root cause led to the  resulting evaluation by the allopathic medical doctors towards indiscriminately prescribing synthetic prescriptions without explanation of how the thyroid got out of whack. I am doing this as a service to you to help you prevent future disease from happening because of dietary habits and lack of sufficient vitamins/minerals in the diet.

I urge you to strongly read the website

You will quickly discover how toxic fluoride is and that the symptoms of how fluoride is related to the same symptoms of thyroid dysfunction (lack of iodine). The list is very long between the fluoride poisoning and thyroid dysfunction (iodine deficiency) and the numbers are the references to medical articles from which the data was taken. The left column is fluoride poisoning symptoms and the right column is hypothyroid symptoms. They are essentially the same.  If you want the references, please go to the website listed above.

fluoride-vs-thyroid-7 fluoride-vs-thyroid-6 fluoride-vs-thyroid-5 fluoride-vs-thyroid-4 fluoride-vs-thyroid-3 fluoride-vs-thyroid-2



























Doctors tend to order thyroid tests (mostly TSH). If they are “normal,” the doctors tell you that your thyroid is functioning just fine and don’t consider your physical findings are diagnostic of hypothyroidism. I am going to tell you why the lab tests haven’t been working. As you saw from the charts above, there can be many causes for the hypothyroidism. Do you want to know your root cause?

The active form of thyroid hormone is T-3. For a consistent thyroid function throughout the day, mammals normally make eighty percent T-4 and almost twenty percent T-3. (We also make a small amount of T-1 and T-2). Thus, the T-4 must be converted to the active form of T-3 for energy to the body (50 percent of the iodine goes to the thyroid). This conversion requires iodine, selenium, zinc, iron, progesterone, cortisol and glutathione. If you are missing one of these, you can’t convert T-4 to T-3 but instead convert it to a fake hormone called RT-3 or Reverse T-3. RT-3 blocks a receptor site but doesn’t work. Thus, you have normal levels of TSH and T-4 (and perhaps normal levels of T-3), but the thyroid isn’t functioning at the cellular level!







In addition, glutathione (master hormone) is necessary to move the T-3 from the cell membrane to the mitochondria inside the cell. If everything else is fine, but you don’t have glutathione, your thyroid system can’t work at the power station (mitochondria) that needs it!

You cannot absorb glutathione if you eat it. You must make it from three amino acids. You cannot make amino acids if you don’t have stomach acid to break your proteins into amino acids. Thus a person without stomach acid will not have a functional thyroid system because that person cannot make glutathione, and without glutathione, the thyroid does not work in the mitochondrial power station where it is used to keep voltages adequate.

This clearly explained a major problem I encountered; too much fluorine which affected my iodine levels and the lack of stomach acid to make glutathione to convert into energy at the mitochondria level. I have spoken to my clients (and I was one of those uneducated people too) to get off antacids and drugs that stop the production of stomach acid. They see no connection between stomach acid and why they are chronically tired, so they ignore instructions to get off the antacids and drugs and then cannot figure out why they are too tired to enjoy life. Their doctor tells them that it is okay to block stomach acid and so it goes a nation of people too tired to care and depressed because without stomach acid, they can’t absorb zinc, and without zinc you cannot make neuro-chemicals like serotonin and you cannot convert T-4 to T-3 either. What we have then is a nation of people fat, tired and depressed and all with normal blood tests!

Iodine is a halogen. The halogens are a series of nonmetal elements from the periodic table, comprising:

  1. Fluorine, F
  2. Chlorine, Cl
  3. Bromine, Br
  4. Iodine, I
  5. Astatine, At

Here are the halogens in the periodic table:









As you can see, the halogens are in a column in the periodic table of elements.

The problem is that fluoride is a “bully.” Any time an atom of fluoride and an atom of any other halogen are in the same vicinity, the fluoride will displace the other halogen and take its place. This is called a thyroid receptor site.

The thyroid hormone T-4 is a protein called tyrosine that is attached to four iodines. You can see it represented in the graphic as “thyroid hormone.” However, when you consume fluoride, it displaces the iodine and you get the fake thyroid hormone noted in the right of the graphic seen below.





One problem is that our blood tests cannot tell the difference between the real and the fake hormone. Another problem is that the fake one does not work. Thus your blood tests are normal but your body is really deficient of functional thyroid hormone. This is called type II hypothyroidism. This form of type II hypothyroidism is often due to glutathione deficiency.

Type II hypothyroidism can also be due to a failure of the hormone to work at the cell membrane or mitochondrial level. Because most Americans consume fluoride in water, toothpaste, visits to the dentist, etc., most Americans have type II hypothyroidism!

Many assume that if you stop consuming fluoride and take iodine, the thyroid function will return to normal. This is rarely the case. In 1996, Mahmood investigated the effects of low doses of sodium fluoride on the thyroid glands of guinea pigs.  The findings were a depletion of colloid from the follicles, shrinkage of follicles, disruption of follicular basement membrane associated with edema and degeneration of the follicular epithelial cells, increased follicular vascularity, and fatty degeneration in the inter-follicular connective tissue.

There is also a condition of the thyroid gland called Hashimoto’s disease. It is assumed it is an autoimmune disease. However, the description of Hashimoto’s disease is the same as damage from fluoride. It is possible that Hashimoto’s disease is simply fluoride damage.

Since fluoride permanently damages the thyroid gland, most people require both iodine for it anti-infective effects and thyroid hormone to have normal thyroid function.

In studies, there are an increasing number of people with Hashimoto’s disease. Remember, that it is characterized by having antibodies to the thyroid gland. These antibodies will attack desiccated thyroid such as Armour and Nature-Throid. There is controversy about whether this matters. Even though the antibodies attack the proteins in the desiccated thyroid pills, it appears they do not attack the actual hormones since the blood tests of people on desiccated thyroid with antibodies are still altered as you change the dosage of hormone.

Although fluoride is perhaps the major cause of hypothyroidism, there are other things that cause/contribute to it. A major issue is estrogen dominance.

Estrogen dominance means that you have effectively more estrogen than you do progesterone. That is true for female and males. Estrogen dominance shuts down the thyroid as well as often being associated with other issues such as breast and prostate cancer.

Estrogen dominance can be caused by soy, petrochemicals, fuel exhaust we breathe, estrogenic hormones in meat and chicken, plastics, propylene glycol (deodorants), sodium laurel sulfate in toothpaste and ointments, herbicides, and pesticides. These potent estrogenic substances block the production of thyroid hormone and greatly magnify the incidence of estrogen-dependent cancers. All males and females in developed nations have estrogen dominance. You should attempt to avoid these things:

  1. Antibiotics
  2. Chlorine from our water purification systems
  3. Fluoride
  4. NSAID drugs used for arthritis all kill the healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract. This results in overgrowth in the intestines of Candida, fungi, mycoplasma, and anaerobic bacteria (yeast syndrome). These dangerous organisms release powerful neurotoxic substances into the blood stream that damage the hypothalamus, often resulting in multiple endocrine disorders including under-activity of the thyroid gland.
  5. Mercury released from our dental amalgams is toxic to the thyroid gland.
  6. Selenium deficiency is related to lack of trace minerals in our soil. The proper conversion of precursors into thyroid hormone depends on a selenium-containing enzyme which is lacking.
  7. Lack of iodine in our soil and diet leads to decreased thyroid hormone production.
  8. Diagnostic x-rays injure the thyroid gland (dental, neck and spine).
  9. Perchlorates widely found in drinking water inhibit the production of thyroid hormone by blocking the re-uptake of iodine.
  10. Another cause of hypothyroidism is lack of Vitamin C. The body uses Vitamin C to make hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is necessary to convert T-4 to T-3.

There are diagnostic tests outside of blood tests that can help you find out if you have too much fluoride, lack of trace minerals to help convert T-4 to T-3 and taking body temperature tests when awakening in the morning.

Our labs are about ten years late in updating the normal range of 0.5 and 2.0 mIU/L for the TSH test. The lab report comes back say at 4.0. The normal range says is between 0.4-4.6. Thus your doctor will tell you that your thyroid is working normally. However, with the updated normal of 0.3-2.0 means you are very hypothyroid!

There are other problems with the TSH. It is unreliable while undergoing chemotherapy and with a fever. The amount of TSH produced by the pituitary gland is controlled primarily by the amount of T-4 made by your thyroid gland. Thus the feedback mechanism of TSH/T-4 can be balanced so that the levels of TSH and T-4 are normal with current normal values. However, T-3 is the active form of hormone. So even with a normal TSH/T-4 balance, if you cannot convert T-4 to T-3, you are still hypothyroid.

So, to convert T-4 to T-3 requires iodine, selenium, zinc, iron, progesterone, glutathione, cortisol and hydrogen peroxide. In addition, the thyroid is under the control of the parasympathetic nervous system. If you are missing any one of these vitamins/minerals, you will be deficient in T-3 even if your TSH/T-4 are normal.

So the next time you go to get your labs completed, please ask for T-4, T-3, rT-3 (reverse T-3) levels so that when the TSH/T-4 numbers comes back in the normal range, you will see the numbers of T-3 and rT-3 too to see if T-4 is converting to T-3 the active part of the hormone which gives energy on the cellular level.

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Recently, I received my blood test results for fasting blood glucose, cholesterol and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). There had been improvements since I took the tests six months ago or so due to concentrating on my thyroid and my skin condition plaque psoriasis. How many of you even know what your blood tests really mean? Are you in the dark on some things, especially with your health?

The symptoms of the epidemic of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart attacks, depression, etc. are well-known.  The root causes of these major epidemics in the United States of the above miseries are not well-known.  To discuss hypothyroidism, we must first discuss metabolic syndrome X and iodine deficiency. This is necessary to understand hypothyroidism. However, most doctors agree that what is called metabolic syndrome X is responsible for most of the illnesses in America. So what is metabolic syndrome X?

The symptoms and features of metabolic syndrome X are:

Fasting hyperglycemia-diabetes mellitus type II or impaired fasting glucose, impaired glucose tolerance, or insulin resistance

High Blood pressure

Central obesity (also known as visceral, male-pattern or apple-shaped adiposity), overweight with fat deposits mainly around the waist

Decreased HDL cholesterol and elevated triglycerides (MOST IMPORTANT IN THE FIGHT AGAINST HEART DISEASE)

Obesity requires some special attention. When you are bigger around the waist than around your hips, you are said to have “apple obesity.” This type of obesity is associated with illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, gall bladder disease, and cancer. When you are bigger around your hips than around your waist, you are said to have “pear obesity.” This is associated with hormonal imbalances but is not likely to cause heart attacks, strokes, and cancer.

A major contributor to obesity is MSG. Leptin is a hormone released to tell your brain that you are full. MSG damages the brain so that it does not recognize leptin. Thus you always feel hungry. MSG is put in foods because it is addicting and makes you want to eat more, resulting in more profits for the food manufacturers.

MSG is hidden in foods by calling it “other spices.” Additives that always contain MSG are called texturized protein, autolyzed yeast and hydrolyzed oat flour.

Metabolic syndrome is an epidemic that also includes stress, anger, heart attacks, ADHD, migraine headaches, and childhood and adult obesity with depression. Traditional medicine has not found a solution for metabolic syndrome X except for diet and exercise. Often diet and exercise alone will not reduce blood pressure, correct diabetes, correct blood lipids, or allow you to lose weight. Metabolic syndrome X often proceeds to fibromyalgia. Doctors typically prescribe pills to lower blood pressure, pills to lower blood sugar, pills to lower cholesterol and a band around your stomach without asking why you got these illnesses in the first place.

It is in my opinion, and other doctors who are aware, that metabolic syndrome X is simply type II hypothyroidism. After six to twelve months of therapy for hypothyroidism, most cases of hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity return to normal without other therapies. Studies have also shown that eighty percent of arthritic people will be normal.

After emailing my traditional doctor about her responses (she was asking if I wanted to put me on a low dose hypothyroid drug without asking me what I had been doing to lower my TSH and she did not look at my previous blood results to see that I had improved) to my blood tests (I only ask my doctor to order blood tests and then I find the answers through my own research to rectify the situation and try to return my body to a homeostasis or balance). My significant reason, to which my doctor does not know or believe, is my leaky gut status due to low stomach acid.  I have had stomach low acid where my  body did not break down the food well enough to get the amino acids out of my animal proteins (you do not want the animal protein to absorb into your body) and vegetables (lectin- the protection around the plant for survival which makes it difficult to get all the nutrients into our bodies) to break down in my stomach and my small intestine. So to get the right nutrients into my body I have had to figure out numerous ways to help my body to break down the foods so that my body could “absorb” the nutrients needed to improve my compromised endocrine system, which includes my thyroid. Also, I had to find the right supplements to repair my leaky gut syndrome.

So a significant cause of obesity is a lack of stomach acid. Another significant cause of obesity is consuming high fructose corn syrup, especially in sodas. One soda a day increases your weight one pound per month. If you gain twelve pounds per year, in five years you are sixty pound overweight just from one soda per day! Even another cause of obesity is high glycemic index foods. These are foods that are rapidly digested and results in a spike of insulin. The excess glucose is stored in fat cells and the body cannot use this glucose when insulin is present. These high glycemic index foods are primarily white foods such as white flour, white rice, white sugar and white potatoes. Instead, use whole grains (gluten-free if you can), stevia and sweet potatoes.

Part II of this series will be another major source of Hypothyroidism and how it contributes to numerous health problems and to its prevention.  Metabolic Syndrome X with insulin resistance is often the result of an increase in rT-3 (receptors that inhibit T-3 from being used in the organs) relative to T-3 (this is the part of the thyroid hormone that is converted from T-4 which is utilized in the cells all over the body for energy). Please listen to your body and find the causes and not to cover up your symptoms with drugs and to improve your nutritional status. For more information on how I might assist you with your health, please contact me on the form below.






Even if you don’t smoke, a high-glycemic diet can lead to lung cancer. There was a surprising new study by the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. It found that people with a high-glycemic diet have a dramatically higher risk of lung cancer even if they did not smoke. (1)

Researchers studied more than 1,900 lung cancer patients and more than 2,400 cancer-free people. The scientists focused on the glycemic index of the subjects’ diets. Starchy foods, such as white bread and potatoes, have high-glycemic indexes. They cause spikes in blood sugar levels. Ever since I and my clients have given up or reduced our white starchy foods, I, and my clients, blood sugar levels returned to normal. Each time that your blood sugar goes above 100-110 (eating or not), it tears up and scars your arteries of not only your cardiovascular system, but  plays havoc in the development of lung cancer.

The people with the highest glycemic diets had a 49% greater risk of developing lung cancer than those with the lowest. (2) Among non-smokers, a high-glycemic diet more than doubled the odds of lung cancer.

Tobacco use is the leading cause of lung cancer. But researchers have long been puzzled by non-smokers getting the disease. This new study helps provide the answer. (3) Besides white bread and potatoes, high-glycemic foods include white rice, bagels, pretzels and corn flakes.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. It kills more than 150,000 Americans a year.

REFERENCES on Request.


Fats have been shown to play a major role in the evolution of cancer. Some fats prevent it, while others promote its development and aid its ability to spread. These are called “good fats” and “bad fats.”

Among the bad fats are the omega-6 fats, which include corn, safflower, sunflower, peanut, soybean and canola oils. A number of experiments have shown that these oils work as an activator for cancer, making it grow and spread like wildfire. How this happens is through a number of mechanisms in which one of them is increasing the COX-2 enzyme. These are called pro-inflammatory fats. So if you consume fried foods at restaurants or even order sautéed vegetables and the like, it usually in some sort of omega-6 fatty acid.

The good fats include the omega-3 oils and other oils that are converted into EPA and DHA, such as alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). The omega-3 oils come from algae, which explains how fish obtain them. This is why farm-raised fish are devoid of omega-3 oils, which are composed of two nutrients – EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

Of the two, DHA has the more powerful anti-cancer effect and is especially efficient in preventing cancer of the colon, prostate and breasts. Pure DHA is derived from algae. DHA inhibits cancer using a number of mechanisms-principally inflammation reduction. There are a number of companies that sell DHA, but sells both high-dose DHA (700 mg) and one of the purest fish oils, a Norwegian variety (500 mg) of DHA. All oils should be refrigerated.

Flaxseed oil is also one of the good oils. It is composed of alpha-linolenic acid, which the body converts into EPA and DHA. Not all people can efficiently convert the oil like infants, small children and the chronically ill are among those who have problems. And the oils easily becomes rancid.

The Essential and Metabolic Fatty Acid Profile, will indicate whether or not you are converting the oil. This test includes measures of trans fatty acids, saturated fats and the balance between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. This latter measurement is especially critical. A large number of studies have shown that the balance between these two classes of fats plays a major role in our risk of developing major diseases, such as strokes, heart attacks, cancer, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and neuro-degenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Lou Gehrig’s).

In my own situation and my clients were completely unaware of their extreme abnormalities in this balance of essential fats. A significant number of studies have shown that the typical American diet provides very little omega-3 fats. The normal ratio should be 3:1 omega-6 to omega-3 fats. Most people have a 20:1 to 45:1 ratio.

A balance of these fats can save you a lifetime of misery. They make up all of the cells in your body and do much more. They play a critical role in endocrine function, brain maintenance, cell function, immune regulation and controlling inflammation. Once I got my body in sync, I saw the effects of reduced inflammation and reduced psoriasis plaques on my body.

Even though these tests may be expensive, you will not need to get them but twice in your life; 21 and then after 45 years old. A number of their tests are covered by Medicare and conventional insurance plans. The laboratories doing Special Testing include Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratories ( or  800-522-4762, Great Plains Laboratories (888-347-2781) or MetaMatrix Diagnostic Laboratory ( or 800-221-4640.


Surgical patients face special problems that non-surgical patients don’t generally have to be concerned about. They will be under a lot more stress, run a higher risk of infection and must deal with a lot more pain. Many of the drugs used to control pain suppress the immune system.

In fact, studies have shown that suppression can last for weeks, and possibly months (as happened to my mother last year),  after discharge from the hospital. Most of these problems are dramatically reduced by good nutritional practices, especially if they are begun before entering the hospital. I know that most of the pilot population living in their own world of “controlling” their environment that they may be “fearful” of any health problem and do not take the best care of themselves, especially with the toxicity of our environment of radiation, smelling jet fuel, drinking water from all locales, eating preservative laden food and flying and sleeping in fire-retardant seats and beds. We do sit a lot and that is a danger in and of itself.

Many studies have shown that surgery-related immune suppression is completely reversed by nutritional supplementation. In my case, without worry of surgery, I make sure I consistently detoxify myself by the choices I make daily so that if I have to go under the knife, I will have the done my best to alleviate the effects of the drugs and the procedure.

Wound healing is another major problem, made worse as we age. Recent studies have shown that malnutrition before surgery resulted in a 25 percent increase in surgical wounds that failed to heal. It has been known for over three decades that several nutrients play a major role in wound healing. These are vitamin C, zinc and protein.

Numerous studies have shown that the elderly and chronically ill are severely lacking in all of these nutrients. In addition, they have been found to be deficient in vitamins B-6 and B-12, folic acid and riboflavin, all of which play a role in wound healing.

Supplementing with vitamin C and zinc has consistently proven to greatly increase the strength of the surgical wound, meaning it is less likely to pull open and will heal better. In addition, these nutrients dramatically reduce the risk of wound infection and speed healing, as well.

Since I have been measuring my mineral levels in my hair tissue mineral analysis and doing saliva and urine tests, I have raised my levels of zinc with the other minerals which has been assisting the healing of my serious psoriasis plaques to a remission status. My joint and muscle pains are non-existent, which usually develop with tissue autoimmune disorders.

In conjunction with the use of my BEMER technology,, it has enhanced my nutritional absorption of my supplementation and general enhanced blood flow with the collagen light frequency attachment.

A tainted surgical wound extends beyond the wound itself. The infection can enter the bloodstream and become deadly, leading to pneumonia or any number of other diseases that can kill. An infection dramatically intensifies the body’s loss of nutrients and the need to reclaim them. Doctors cannot seem to grasp that the paste mashed potatoes and plastic peas served in hospitals just don’t provide the level of nutrition that such patients require.

Curcumin, the flavonoid extracted from the spice turmeric, has been shown to dramatically accelerate the healing of wounds, even in diabetics. It is also one of the most powerful anti-cancer flavonoids, especially for colon cancer. I even bring turmeric with me on my trips and add pepper for better absorption and a great curcumin supplement.

Modern hospitals, reacting to criticism of their nutritionally inadequate meals, have turned to ready-made canned sustenance like Ensure, Isomil and Sustical. But these products are high in sugar and contain immune-suppressing oils. Fortunately, more are using coconut oil, which is high in medium-chained fats that are burned as energy, stimulate immunity and are generally healthy. Overall, though, these canned drinks are not healthy (possibly lined with BPA plastic or Aluminum cans) and supply only marginal nutrition.

If you are facing scheduled surgery, prepare by boosting your intake of proteins such as meats (organic chicken, turkey and grass-fed beef) or beans prepared correctly, for those who have a sensitive stomach. In addition, eat at least four to five servings of high-density fruits and vegetables, like broccoli, Brussel sprouts, kale, greens (mustard and turnip), celery, squash, blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, etc.

Avoid store-bought orange juice since it often has high fluoride levels and a lot of sugar. Remember, sugar impairs immunity and increases free radical production.

Proteins are composed of 23 amino acids. Three of these play a special role in wound healing: leucine, isoleucine and valine and called branched-chain amino acids. They are especially effective in hard-to-heal wounds, as seen in people with liver disease and diabetes, and they are available as a supplement. Beware, though, in most people, these amino acids can cause profound hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). They should only be taken with meals. And note that commercial brands used intravenously in hospitals have been shown to contain toxic levels of aluminum.

It is also important to realize that many medications severely deplete certain nutrients. For example, many of the oral diabetic and blood pressure medications, birth control pills, steroids (which I was on for almost six months), statins (for lowering cholesterol), and heart drugs exhaust magnesium, CoQ10, thiamine, riboflavin, and other nutrients. This is in addition to the nutrient depletion caused by the stress of your disease or surgery.

Finally, you must be cautious of supplements that act as anticoagulants, that is, thin the blood. Garlic extract, ginkgo biloba and ginseng can have this effect. You should stop taking them at least two weeks before surgery.

I know there is a lot to think about before surgery and the recovery process. That is why it is very important that figuring out what you are lacking in your diet and supplementation takes due diligence to make it happen. Our diets are insufficient so there is a need to find out what your body needs. Nutrition also includes thinking about your stress-related daily activities which may suppress your body’s absorption of food nutrients and  increasing your sleep to rejuvenate your organs to rebuild  itself for living a quality life with as much energy  no matter your age.



After a week of visiting with my Mom and Dad, I learned many things about how to prepare for a surgery and recovery. With all the research I did before I arrived and reflecting on the lack of nutritional knowledge for my mother before and after surgery, it really opened my eyes that there needs to be more due diligence on the patients' nutrition by the patients themselves. How prepared are you if an illness, accident or a drug is introduced to your body that may affect your body on a DNA cellular level? Did you know that we are responsible for our own welfare and that to defer blame to others, whomever they are, is not a good way to develop a good knowledge base to get the best healthcare for ourselves? It starts with education about how to prepare our nutrition on a daily basis for surgery and recovery. This blog will be about anesthesia. My Mom's case would have been so much different had I not listened to my father about his consultation with the cardiovascular surgeon and the anesthesiologist just before the surgery.

If you are entering the hospital to have surgery, you need to take special precautions. While anesthesia is safer now than ever before, it is still not without hazard. People do die from anesthetic complications. My personal experience with anesthesiologist, and the anesthesiologist nurses especially, are some of the most highly trained, skillful and careful of all medical specialists. I think that they are the ones who are the most important people in the room. Yet even with the best care, things can happen and, when they do, they happen very rapidly. In any case, and that is where you come in, where an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure.

Anesthetic gas nitrous oxide can cause a sudden and catastrophic drop in the body's vitamin B-12 levels, leading to disorientation, confusion, memory loss and even coma in people with low B-12 levels prior to surgery, especially the elderly. Our bodies store vitamin B-12 for a longer period of time than other water-soluble vitamin B vitamins. As older people, some of us do not absorb vitamin B-12 and may need to get injections monthly. So please have your doctor measure your vitamin B-12 before a surgery.

Before my mom had her surgery, her B-12 levels were alright, but since she had an Alzheimer's diagnosis and she had many bouts of pneumonia immediately after her other past surgeries for vascular issues were most likely due to general anesthesia complications. One of the two cardiovascular heart surgeons  who was to operate on my mother's left leg blocked femoral arteries, consulted with my father and brother a week or so before the surgery. The surgeon came to an agreement it would be best to not use general anesthesia. However, I do not think the doctor was thinking about the fluoride levels because that is not an area where nutrition is on their radar.

Here are some of the reasons why general anesthesia may not be the best choice:

Most modern anesthetic gases are flouridated compounds, meaning they contain flouride, a known neuro-toxin, especially to the brain. Because anesthetics enter the brain easily, they pose a special danger to this key organ. With fluoride, it is a cumulative effect, because we may not know where we ingested the fluoride from our water supply, certain gelatin supplements, and even the dentist's office after getting our cleaning application after the plaque removal.

For example, the Battelle Institute announced its findings and released proof of the connection between fluoride and cancer of the mouth in February of 1989. It showed that at 45 ppm, there was a 12 percent increased incidence of oral cancers, such as cancer of the tongue and gums. Subsequent studies did indeed show that the incidence of oral cancers in fluoridated vs. non-fluoridated cities was 33 percent to 50 percent greater.

Toothpaste can contain between 1,000 and 1,500 ppm fluoride

Fluoride gels used in dental offices contain up to 15,000 ppm. I declined the fluoride gel on my last visit to the dentist since I found out in a urine test that I had fluoride toxicity which I am using chelated compounds to detox it out of my system.

New fluoride varnishes release a high concentration of fluoride continuously in the mouth.

Unknowingly we may be ingesting fluoride in our environment, and if you use deodorants with aluminum (antiperspirants), you are unwittingly absorbing more of the aluminum in your tissues. Please remember your underarms are where some of your lymph nodes (your body's waste system) are located.

Fluoride is also very toxic to the heart, so people with heart problems are at special risk. Fluoride poisons critical enzymes needed by the heart to produce energy and can cause abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias). This could lead to stroke, sudden heart failure during the surgery or soon after, or even delayed heart failure.

Fortunately, several nutrients are known to protect against fluoride toxicity in both the brain and the heart:

Calcium (please confirm that you need calcium before supplementing)


Vitamin D-3


Magnesium is one of the most important protective nutrients for both the heart and the brain. Many studies have shown that extra magnesium can protect against sudden heart failure, arrhythmias, coronary spasms (heart attacks) and even post-operative blood clots which is a major killer of post-operative patients. In addition, it protects against fluoride toxicity. You may want to ask if the doctor would add magnesium to the intravenous fluids during the surgery and afterward. Doctors who do this have not experienced heart failure during surgery or a post-operative blood clot.

So far as I know, few surgeons or medical doctors add magnesium to a patient's IV, primarily because these physicians have not done their nutritional homework. Preparing for a surgery and recovery needs to be looked at from a nutritional standpoint in the future.

Luckily, I knew a lot of this nutritional information before the surgery and applied some of these principles to my mother and father. It could have been a longer recovery for my mother had I not been available to close the communication gap between my father and his heart surgeon consultation the week before, the cardiovascular surgeon and the anesthesiologist right before the surgery in which I read on surgery board "GEN" next to my mother's name, and the long conversation with the anesthesiologist about my mother's condition and the dangers involved with using general anesthesia. He, ultimately, listened and administered the spinal block.

My mother woke up with minimal confusion after her surgery. She was walking inside of 24 hours and did not have breathing problems due to not using general anesthesia. I am not against general anesthesia if the patient is well-informed of the risks and to prepare with the right minerals and antioxidants before the surgery.

Post-operative care is lacking too.  Without the needed post-operative nutrition of the already malnourished patient after the surgery and due to operative drugs that suppress their immune systems,  we need a knowledgeable hospital staff to assist with expediting the patient's quicker recovery. If older patients with a weaker immune system are not allowed sufficient time to become stable enough before being allowed to go home, they may have to come back to the emergency room via ambulance (it just happened to my mother because of a vasal vagus response {pooling of blood in the legs while sitting on the toilet}. It happens to young people too). My father thought it was a heart attack. If the hospital had allowed her to stay to have a bowel movement, they may have caught this before she went home.

I know we all have some stories and I thought this was worth the time for you to read and to be educated on the hazards of general anesthesia.

I offer hair tissue mineral analysis, nutritional feedback from the analysis, which supplements are safe to use, offering you access to ordering labs that a conventional doctor may not offer you to find out what your future risks of developing cardiac vascular disease and to prevent future illness if you use prevention as the most important tool to live a longer quality life.


Some of you may know that in my family there is dementia and Alzheimer’s disease that started well before the presence of the symptoms of the disorder and the doctor’s diagnosis. After age 40, most of us begin to worry about losing our memories and even worse, becoming demented. This is especially true once we reach our fifties. I started feeling brain fog at age 50 and then going into menopause and getting my second autoimmune disorder (the first was about five years earlier with another skin condition called sarcoidosis; it can also affect the lungs too in its other form) called plaque psoriasis. However, the real reason I am writing this blog to say that do we really need to worry? Yes and no.

Yes, because there has been an increase in the incidence of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Lou Gehrig’s disease over the last two decades. Though medical scientists have no explanation for this increase, there are many strong clues.

No, because there is growing evidence that simple steps can be taken to significantly reduce your risk.

What causes the brain to age? As with most things in the universe, discovery of the secret of aging lies in commonly occurring events in the body, something shared by all cells. This common event is the accumulated damage to vital cellular components by free radicals. Most of us have heard of antioxidants and that they are good for us. Antioxidants are substances that neutralize free radicals.

Basically, free radicals are highly reactive submicroscopic particles that bounce around inside a cell like red-hot BBs, burning everything they touch. Each cell is filled with delicate factories that perform all sorts of vital functions like generating energy, making enzymes and other proteins and storing information, as with DNA. Free radicals chip away at these cell factories the way water dripping on a stone wears the stone away. In the beginning, the damage is so minute that little is harmed, but over time the cell’s function becomes impaired. The effects of this chipping away by free radicals depends on the types of cells affected and how severely they are damaged. We were born with a system to repair much of this damage, but our poor diets and constant exposure to environmental toxins severely impair this repair system.

As a result, diseases are appearing earlier, more often and to a much more severe degree. This is true not only for diseases affecting the brain, but also for most other diseases, including diabetes, autoimmune disorders, many cancers, arthritis, heart disease and strokes. All of these diseases share the same event:  massive production of free radicals over a long period of time (inflammation) and a depletion of the body’s antioxidant defenses.

Numerous studies have found that those with neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s Disease have chronic nutrient deficiencies long before the disease presents itself. For example, most individuals with Alzheimer’s disease have low levels of vitamin C, beta-carotene, B1, B6, folate and vitamin B12. The latter three are particularly important since they regulate a special series of metabolic steps in brain cells necessary for forming neurotransmitter chemicals and repairing DNA.

When these nutrients are deficient, a special chemical called homocysteine accumulates. Recent studies have found that a large number of Alzheimer’s disease patients have elevated homocysteine levels. Besides being a sign of impaired metabolism, homocysteine is in a class of special brain cell toxins called excitotoxins. These toxins literally excite certain brain cells to death. They are considered a central mechanism in all of the neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Excitotoxins generate large numbers of free radicals in brain cells and brain cell connections (synapses).

Vitamin E, C, the carotenoids and special antioxidants from plants called flavonoids all act together to protect the brain from free radicals and, hence, excitotoxicity. Several studies have shown that increasing these antioxidants in the diet slows the course of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease and may prevent the disease in some.

This part one of a series of blogs about protecting you from the ravages of Alzheimer’s and other diseases. If you would like to find out how you can decrease your chances of slowing down the inflammation process in your brain functioning, please contact me to take action against these devastating diseases. It has taken years for your body to be depleted of essential nutrients and it will take time to start getting back your energy and living your best life. a

Until the next time, be conscious of your environment inside and outside your bodies.

Peace and Hugs

Coach Debra