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The low-fat, high carbohydrate diet that is currently in vogue in the mainstream medical community has rarely been tested in a group of individuals. In fact, when a low-fat diet was tested in a recent study in which individuals kept their dietary fat intake below 30 percent, it was found to actually increase an individual’s risk of cardiac disease and not to lower it. The ‘low-fat” myth has been allowed to perpetuate to the point where the public believes that they can eat as many carbohydrates as they wish, just so long as the foods don’t contain fat or cholesterol. This is a dangerous belief, and one that is making us fatter.

When we consume more carbohydrates than can be stored in the liver and muscles, or more than our body needs for brain power, these carbohydrates are converted to glucose. The body stores three of these molecules together as a more efficient way of storing the excess energy, as triglycerides (tri means “three”). Triglycerides are also stored in fatty tissue called adipose. These excess triglycerides are what clog up the arteries. This is why it is probably more dangerous to have high levels of triglycerides than it is to have high levels of cholesterol. High levels of triglycerides lead to a higher incidence of heart disease and stroke.

Frustration leads to a lifetime of cravings and a feeling of never being fulfilled. It is not logical to think that most of us can live on a diet when we consume less than 20 percent of our calories in fat. Where’s the joy in that? How satisfied are you going to feel eating this way for a lifetime? Most foods that have flavor also contain some fat. There are simply too many temptations and too many health benefits in healthy fats to deprive yourself for a lifetime of this major component of the food chain. In order for a diet to be successful, it has to be sustainable and enjoyable over the long haul.

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