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I know people who have never suffered with a weight problem.

For instance, thin people almost always have a harder time making the dietary changes necessary for true, lasting health and longevity. The most common excuse being, “I can eat anything I want and not gain weight so it doesn’t affect me. So I don’t think that I need to change my patterns.”

According to data from 17 observational studies that included over 38,200 people, researchers from the Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine in England found that regular soda drinkers are more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes.

No matter how heavy or thin they were.

They know this because researchers did not factor in the weight criteria.

Specifically, they found that any person, thin or heavy, has an 18% increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes over a 10 year period with every serving of sugar sweetened beverages they consume.

The study authors said these findings were a surprise to mainstream health experts. The consensus has always been that sugar intake promotes weight gain. And then, in turn, body fat contributes to insulin resistance, which is a pre-cursor to diabetes.

But this discovery was no surprise to me.

A 12-ounce can of Coca-Cola has 39 grams of sugar, which is the equivalent of almost 10 teaspoons. So two of those a month is 78 grams of sugar, or 20 teaspoons. That’s almost a 1/2 cup of sugar. Just from two cans of coke!

Sure, your body can handle this every once in a while. But that ability wears out when your body is forced to do it over and over again (every month, for instance).

This avalanche of sugar also affects digestion by altering the healthy microbial colonies in your gut. And research shows disrupting your microbiome also increases the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

So what does that mean in the long run? It means that if people continue to consume sugary beverages on a regular basis there could be 2 million new cases of Type 2 diabetes in the United States by 2020. That is on top of the 29 million Americans who already have Type 2 diabetes.

Unfortunately — though not surprisingly — the ridiculous American Beverage Association had to chime in and tried to denounce this study. They claim that because this study was not based on clinical trials, the findings cannot prove a direct link between drinking sugary beverages and developing Type 2 diabetes.

What sort of “real solutions”? Well apparently, the Beverage Association is rolling out a new initiative called “Balance Calories” that aims to reduce the calories in beverages by 20% by the year 2025. Just one-fifth in 10 years?

If you ask me, the Beverage Association should be outlawed as the criminal syndicate and public health threat it really is.

The point here is that your waistline isn’t the only factor involved when it comes to heading disease off at the pass. If you don’t make good choices in terms of what you eat — and drink — you will eventually find yourself on the slippery slope to diabetes and all of its complications.

As I’ve said many, many times before: Sugar kills. And the sooner you ditch it from your diet, the better.

Debra Bartz, M.S., CHP

AADP Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Certified Master Transformational Life Coach and
Hormone Trained Specialist

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The low-fat, high carbohydrate diet that is currently in vogue in the mainstream medical community has rarely been tested in a group of individuals. In fact, when a low-fat diet was tested in a recent study in which individuals kept their dietary fat intake below 30 percent, it was found to actually increase an individual’s risk of cardiac disease and not to lower it. The ‘low-fat” myth has been allowed to perpetuate to the point where the public believes that they can eat as many carbohydrates as they wish, just so long as the foods don’t contain fat or cholesterol. This is a dangerous belief, and one that is making us fatter.

When we consume more carbohydrates than can be stored in the liver and muscles, or more than our body needs for brain power, these carbohydrates are converted to glucose. The body stores three of these molecules together as a more efficient way of storing the excess energy, as triglycerides (tri means “three”). Triglycerides are also stored in fatty tissue called adipose. These excess triglycerides are what clog up the arteries. This is why it is probably more dangerous to have high levels of triglycerides than it is to have high levels of cholesterol. High levels of triglycerides lead to a higher incidence of heart disease and stroke.

Frustration leads to a lifetime of cravings and a feeling of never being fulfilled. It is not logical to think that most of us can live on a diet when we consume less than 20 percent of our calories in fat. Where’s the joy in that? How satisfied are you going to feel eating this way for a lifetime? Most foods that have flavor also contain some fat. There are simply too many temptations and too many health benefits in healthy fats to deprive yourself for a lifetime of this major component of the food chain. In order for a diet to be successful, it has to be sustainable and enjoyable over the long haul.

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Cancer linked to Chronic Inflammation and Obesity

In the United States alone, cancer is the second deadliest cause of death. Heart is disease is the first. You might know someone who has succumbed to these one or two of these diseases.

Cancer can be prevented by making a few lifestyle changes. You would think of quitting smoking, limited exposure to the sun, or a myriad of factors related to environmental factors would decrease chances of getting cancer. That would be true as an educated guess. As more scientists learn more about cancer, the results are much clearer; obesity and poor diets under our control are the biggest culprits with the initiation and spread of cancer cells. In an opinion poll, 2013 Associated Press/NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, only seven percent of respondents said there was a link between obesity, nutrition and cancer.

Each of us produces cancer cells every day and, by age 40, almost everyone harbors some tumor cells. It may take decades to progress to billions of cells leading to cancer unless we change our lifestyle factors that will diminish or grow the cells. The first factor related to cancer growth and to a number of degenerative diseases is chronic inflammation. It is at the root of everything including back pain, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, heart disease and cancer. We have to fight this deadly enemy EVERYDAY! Our life does depend on it.

In the second link to cancer, and even to other diseases related to chronic inflammation, the extra weight a body carries triggers chronic inflammation. It is not a stretch of the truth to see how obesity and cancer are linked. Study after study has shown that excess weight not only increases cancer chances, but rapidly begins the initiation and proliferation of cancer cells. Extra body fat leads to insulin resistance and increased levels of sex hormones. Doctors believed that adipose (fat) tissue was storage for fat molecules. Now it is known that fatty tissue is an active organ that is responsible for metabolic and endocrine functions of producing hormones, growth factors and signaling more pro-inflammatory cytokines. The altered levels of signaling molecules seem directly involved in cancer initiation and development.

An American Cancer Society 2003 study over sixteen years on almost 900,000 adults looked at data on obesity alone and cancer deaths (not including poor nutrition or lack of exercise). Results from the study, about 20 percent of the overall cancer deaths of Americans were associated with obesity. Obese women and men are 62 to 52 percent respectively were likely to die from cancer than normal weight women and men.

Your first line of defense is to ease your chronic Inflammation is to cut out processed foods of the Standard American Diet (SAD) which will bring you a slimmer waistline and less immune cells releasing more inflammatory chemicals with recognizable whole food nutrition. This step will make a huge difference in easing inflammation and preventing cancer by doing this alone.

Debra Bartz
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Let’s go back in time when you felt your best. Think back to that time and create a timeline that links life events to the appearance of symptoms of joint pains, stomach issues related to a buildup of emotional and mental stresses and exposures to environmental toxins from your work and home. All of these together may set you up for a compromised immune system that may lead to a future disease, especially after 40 years of age.

Are you doing the best you can do in areas under your control like reducing negative emotional stresses related to workplace issues and other people’s issues? What I mean by stress is not the very general biological phenomenon of stress, which occurs in all living beings. What I want to talk about is its disease-producing effects like mental arousal, frustration at one’s work or in private life, the necessity of facing responsibilities beyond one’s capacities, physical exhaustion and fatigue. The stress mechanism consumes too much energy.

Our bodies naturally have daily physical demands in the tissues of our bodies, such as wound healing, restoration of lost blood, fighting infections or poisonings, which can be of paramount importance. Yet these are far less common in normal life than the emotional stimuli with which we are almost constantly facing like feeling fear, pain and frustration.

If I had not acknowledged and recognized all of my challenges of the severe plaque psoriasis-mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually when I went into menopause, I would have been led to going the drug prescription route which may have set me up for a lower immunity and maybe developing lymphoma cancer.

What I did became a daily journey even until today that I know, as well as my clients, that we have to make conscious decisions 24 hours a day and every day of the year for the rest of your life.

I offer nutritional balancing through tissue mineral analysis, co-creating a four or six month, one-on-one programs to assist you with less pain, more joy and energy for the rest of your life. I specialize in autoimmune disorders,especially eczema and psoriasis, and  natural alternatives than traditional approaches to heart disease and cancer prevention.



What would it feel like to live the rest of your life with the best quality of life with less pain and more fun? You are in the right place!

Holistic Health Practitioners or Holistic Health Coaches are garnering an increasing amount of attention. In a society where physicians often must limit the time they spend with their patients, where there exists an ever-stronger connection between our diets and our health, and where there are too few medical professionals who have adequate education in nutrition (specifically whole foods nutrition), health coaches fill in the gaps between what the healthcare industry traditionally provides and what many people need.

Consider a recent HumanKind radio documentary, “The Search for Well-Being: Treating the Whole Person in the New Healthcare Era”. In a discussion with medical students about their lack of education in nutrition, and the limited time they will spend with their patients, the narrator highlights the emerging role of health coaches:

“Health coaching is one of the promising new ideas to surface in the field of integrative medicine. It recognizes that unhealthy lifestyle behaviors often resist change. Overcoming the blockage around choosing better foods to eat, for example, often takes time and personal support.”

Dr. Mark Hyman, renowned integrative physician and best-selling author, would agree. ““I don’t see how we can have a future of healthcare without Health Coaches.”

Health coaches come from many educational backgrounds. Although some are medical professionals, most are not registered dietitians or nutritionists and do not hold professional medical degrees. Certification programs, such as the one offered by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (where I had been trained), teach an expansive variety of dietary theories, as well as coaching methodology and technique.
Many health coaches go on to receive further education in their specialized fields. I continued into the field of Transformational coaching as a certified master coach. I found numerous times that clients wanted more in depth conversation about why their habit patterns continued even when they had intentions to change their behaviors. I develop an acceptable system for them to reduce stress so that the “overwhelm” is very manageable in their busy and hectic lives.

Sessions with health coaches can’t substitute for professional medical treatment. Instead, working with a health coach augments the care you receive from the rest of your health care team. As medical writer Monique Brouillette describes in her article, “Can health coaches fix our healthcare system?”, “[w]hile physicians serve as advisors, defining agendas, and treating disease, health coaches serve as partners, eliciting [a] patient’s agenda and co-discovering solutions. One is helpful for treating illness, the other for changing habits.”

Indeed, health coaches offer a unique blend of direction, motivation, and encouragement as they partner with clients seeking to implement dietary and lifestyle changes.

Here at Learn Conquer Soar Coaching, many of my clients came to me knowledgeable about whole food, nutrition, and healthy living. Yet they struggled to put all the puzzle pieces in place to experience sustainable change.

Other clients may have tried implementing generalized advice, but have faltered when they don’t experience the same results as others. Some have been bouncing around from medication to medication, experimenting with different dosages, desperate to find relief from their symptoms.

And some clients come to me so overwhelmed and confused, they don’t even know where to start.

Hiring a coach was a huge leap of faith. And it turned out to be a life-changing decision – one that was worth every penny. And that’s why I continued as a certified holistic practitioner myself.

The truth is that almost everyone can benefit from health coaching, but not everyone is ready for health coaching.

Why not? Because working with a health coach means you’re ready to: commit to yourself 110%, accept your diagnosis or condition, improve your relationship with your body, put yourself on the path to sustainable healing, stop sinking in the emotional quicksand of “I’ll do this myself” internet research, and admit that you’re worth the time and financial commitment.

As you search for the health coach that is right for you, keep the following in mind:

There should be no one-size-fits-all program. Every body and every situation is unique. Be wary of any health coach who suggests he or she has a program designed to work for everyone.

There are no guarantees. Although most people working with a reputable coach experience positive results, be skeptical of the health coach who over promises.

Ask about a coach’s experience with your individual health concerns. At Learn Conquer Soar Coaching is trained and experienced in coaching clients with autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis, thyroid, adrenal dysfunction, and other hormonal imbalances. It would be unethical to claim we are qualified to address the concerns of, say, a person with a broken bone or surgery to cut out the badly functioning body part. To maximize your likelihood of success, only work with a coach who is well-versed in the complexities and challenges of your condition.

Ask for references of the coach’s previous clients, and read a coach’s testimonials.

Debra Bartz, CHC, AADP, HMBA
TCM Mastery Certified Transformational Holistic Practitioner,
Trained Hormone Specialist
International Association Health Coach Member

Debra Bartz Holistic Health Practitioner

I am a American Association Drugless Practitoners Board certified Holistic Health Practitioner, a certified Master Transformational coach and Hormone Trained Specialist who co-creates a lifestyle change to reduce inflammation in the body, negate any future need to be on medications, minimizing stress by learning positive alternatives to negativity and reversing chronic pain issues so that you will be bursting with more energy and happiness. Would you like to beat your inflammation before disease strikes through scientific nutritional balancing?
Ask yourself these questions and see if any of them resonate with you….
What in your world would you really, really want to be different and those beautiful and noticeable changes integrated so well into your life? What might that look like if we worked together?
What would you like to change? What do you want? Why don’t you have it now?
Do you want to live a more carefree lifestyle free of feeling stuck?
Do You Want to FEEL a hundred pounds lighter even if it only shows you losing X amount of weight?
How would it feel to refocus on the POSITIVE ASPECTS OF your life?
What would it feel like if you can attract positive people to you because you had lower stress levels?
We will co-create a life of your dreams in a supportive environment that will let you shift from your past patterns of feeling stuck in pain and stress to more opportunities of growth with ease and grace.

One of the most difficult aspects is staying motivated to change old habit patterns from the past. Instead of creating lists of restrictions in your mind, what if you created possibilities taking dreams to reality? Once you have opened and “stretched” your inner fears to create new habit patterns with small steps for big results, you will ask yourself, “Why did I wait so long?”

One of the most difficult aspects of adhering to a healthier lifestyle on a consistent basis is learning how to stay motivated and keeping your energy levels high. After all, if you’re motivated all the time and you have great energy, you’ll “feel” better, workout less, and get better results…
Defining illness can be boiled down to three factors:
Yes there is a genetic variability, but our genes are controlled by what we do to them and not the other way around.

You’ll also make better decisions regarding your choices and get more accomplished in all the other areas of your life through nutrition choices for clearer thinking and less stress that leads you to making decisions toward continued success in your life.

Inspiration = Energy and Focus

But the choice is ultimately yours.

What works for one may not work for others.
My target market is specialized towards people working towards a freedom of expression, less worries and stresses that your body and mind remembers. I specifically look at autoimmune diseases, like skin issues of eczema and psoriasis, which can develop from thyroid issues; leaky gut to gluten intolerance which can lead to celiac disease; and to the balancing of hormones toward menopause. Years later we find issues creeping up on us. Our coping skills and bodies store the past memories which may come out later in the form of autoimmune diseases, cancer, heart disease, etc.
Working on diet alone cannot erase those years of negativity and stresses built up in your body. There is no one who can do it better for you than YOU. People want to practice and try on their new self like we do when we look at ourselves in a mirror with a new outfit and see how it looks. To get the best results from anything, it’s going to take time and small changes can get BIG results.
Offering different packages to fit your lifestyle and to make you feel different without having you REMEMBER to be different.
LEARN your mindset principles/CONQUER your moods/SOAR to success.

Could one conversation change your life? Schedule a free initial consultation with me today!
Please contact me at
email me at

Peace and Hugs,
Debra Bartz, M.S.,B.S.,AADP CHC, Holistic MBA
Board Certified Mastery Transformational Holistic Health Practitioner
Hormone Trained Specialist

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